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The Distant Reading Compendium: A virtual edited volume

Serbian ELTeC Sub-Collection in Wikidata


Ikonić Nešić, Milica, Ranka Stanković, and Biljana Rujević. “Serbian ELTeC Sub-Collection in Wikidata”, Infotheca, 21.2 (2021), 60–86. DOI: 10.18485/infotheca.2021.21.2.4


This paper presents an example of integration of Wikidata with digital libraries and external systems, as well as some best practices for speeding up the process of data preparation and import to Wikidata, on the use case of SrpELTeC, Serbian subcollection of the ELTeC multilingual collection (European Literary Text Collection). After preliminary work on the manual Wikidata population with SrpELTeC novels, the goal was to automate the process of preparing and importing information, so different solutions were analysed and finally synergy of two, Open Refine and QuickStatements, was chosen as the best option. The paper also brings examples of SPARQL queries for retrieval of authors, novel titles, publication places and other metadata with different visualisation options.


Wikidata, SPARQL, Distant reading, Corpus, NER, ELTeC, Serbian, Novels.

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