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The Distant Reading Compendium: A virtual edited volume

The Serbian Part of the ELTeC – from the Empty List to the 100 Novels Collection


Aleksandra Trtovac, Vasilije Milnović, and Cvetana Krstev. “The Serbian Part of the ELTeC – from the Empty List to the 100 Novels Collection”, Infotheca – Journal of Digital Humanities, 21.2 (2021), 7–25. DOI: 10.18485/infotheca.2021.21.2.1.


In this paper we present challenges and solutions in preparing the Serbian part of ELTeC collection, which contains 100 novels written and first published between 1840 and 1920. In the absence of a systematic digital library of Serbian literature this was done from scratch: first, it was necessary to find out which novels existed and could be used, then they had to be retrieved, scanned, corrected and annotated. All this was achieved thanks to enormous efforts of an army of devoted researchers-volunteers. We analyze the results of these efforts and how they fit to the Action’s anticipated outcome.


ELTeC, corpus design, European novel, Literary Studies, Serbian

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