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The Distant Reading Compendium: A virtual edited volume

Annotation of the Serbian ELTeC Collection


Ranka Stanković, Cvetana Krstev, Branislava Šandrih Todorović, and Mihailo Škorić. “Annotation of the Serbian ELTeC Collection”, Infotheca – Journal of Digital Humanities, 21.2 (2021), 43–59. DOI: 10.18485/infotheca.2021.21.2.3


This paper presents the so-called level-2 edition of SrpELTeC collection developed within the activities of Working Group 2 – Methods and Tools of the COST Action CA 16204 (Distant Reading for European Literary History), and its schema specification. The level-2 edition is a follow-up of the level-1 edition, which is used as input for morphosyntactic and NER annotation of novels. The Serbian level-2 pipeline outlines steps required for production of level-2, including methods and tools used in the process. Some statistics drawn from the Serbian ELTeC level-2 sub-collection brings an interesting insight into collection content.


ELTeC, Serbian, Novel, Corpus, Annotation, POS, NER, Named Entities

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