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Encoding for ELTeC : a summary guide

Part 1 : the Header

The checklist

Here's a list of the information you must supply in your header:

Most but not all requirements are enforced by the schema


               <TEI xmlns="http://www.tei-c.org/ns/1.0" xml:lang="de" xml:id="DEU18450">             

The title

<title> Ghiță Cătănuță, căpitan de haiduci : ELTeC edition</title> <title ref="viaf:180462896">L'Éducation sentimentale : édition ELTeC </title> <title>Господа сељаци: приповетка : ELTeC издање</title>

The author

<author ref="viaf:26018946">Skene, Felicia (1821-1899)</author> <author ref="viaf:52610012">Gozsdu Elek (1849-1919) </author> <author ref="viaf:37053113">Dombre, Roger [Marguerite Sisson] (1859-1914)</author>

Check details on Wikipedia, Worldcat, National library etc.

Extent statement

<extent>  <measure unit="words">99479</measure>  <measure unit="pages">631</measure>  <measure unit="vols">2</measure> </extent>

Publication statement

<publicationStmt>  <p/> </publicationStmt>
<publicationStmt>  <p>Added to ELTeC <date>2019-02-03</date>  </p> </publicationStmt>
<publicationStmt>  <distributor>COST Action ELTeC</distributor>  <date when="2019-10-03"/>  <availability>   <licence target="https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/"> Licenced under      CC-BY 4.0 </licence>  </availability>  <ref type="doi"   target="10.5281/zenodo.8468"/> </publicationStmt>

Source description (1)

The ELTeC edition is derived from a known print edition

<sourceDesc>  <bibl type="printSource">   <author>Panait Macri</author>   <title>Ghiță Cătănuță, căpitan de haiduci</title>   <pubPlace>Bucharest</pubPlace>   <publisher>Editura Librăriei și Tipografiei H. STEINBERG</publisher>   <date>1923</date>  </bibl> </sourceDesc>

Source description (2)

The ELTeC edition is derived from a pre-existing digital version which is in turn derived from the first printed edition.

<sourceDesc>  <bibl type="digitalSource">   <title>Wuthering Heights (1st edition) : wikisource edition</title>   <ref target="https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Wuthering_Heights_(1st_edition)"/>  </bibl>  <bibl type="firstEdition">   <title>Wuthering Heights. A novel by</title>   <author>Ellis Bell</author>   <publisher>London: T. C. Newby</publisher>   <date>1847</date>  </bibl> </sourceDesc>

Encoding description

<encodingDesc n="eltec-1">  <p/> </encodingDesc>

Profile description

<profileDesc    xmlns:eltec="http://distantreading.net/eltec/ns">  <langUsage>   <language ident="eng"/>  </langUsage>  <textDesc>   <eltec:authorGender key="F"/>   <eltec:size key="long"/>   <eltec:canonicity key="high"/>   <eltec:timeSlot key="T1"/>  </textDesc> </profileDesc>

Balance criteria

authorGenderF (female)M (male)U (unknown or multiple)
author's biological sex, not claimed gender
sizeshort (10-50k)medium (50-100k)long (>100k)
word count excluding header and all markup
timeSlotT1 (1840-1859)T2 (1860-1879)T3 (1880-1899)T4 (1900-1920)
date first published as a book
canonicitylow (reprinted infrequently or never)high (reprinted very frequently)unspecified (reprint information not available)
number of times reprinted between 1970 and 2009

Revision description

<revisionDesc>  <change when="2018-11-20">Finished XML validation</change>  <change when="2018-11-01">Initially created as an ELTeC file</change> </revisionDesc>